MCE Fenders, TJ/LJ
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 TJ Generation II and III Flexible Fenders

MADE IN THE USA. These patented fenders are drastically unlike any other fenders on the market today. While providing 1-2″ of extra tire clearance (depending on where measured from), they blend the aggressive true “flatty” fender of the original Jeep to the TJ. The MCE-spec TPO plastic will not sag or crack and is UV-stable. We have a LIFETIME warranty to the original buyer against cracking. Gen II flares are black in color with an OE-like surface texture, while the Gen III flares are glossy smooth with a realistic carbon fiber look (“Flexible Carbon Fiber”) or silver brushed stainless/aluminum look (Silver Edition), only noticed up close. The fenders (and matching rear flares) are available in 3″, 4.5″, or 6″ of tire coverage.


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MCE Fenders, TJ/LJ

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