Savvy JK LHT Steel Rear Bumper, Spare Tire Ready
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You asked and we listened. Presenting the new Savvy LHT Steel Rear Bumper, with indentation for a spare tire. This bumper has flared ends to further increase clearance on the edges. D-ring mounts are fully integrated into the cross member, which ties directly into the frame. In order to gain our industry-leading ground clearance we provide a new, weld-in cross-member to replace the factroy cross-member.

The kit comes with a new rear cross-member, steel bumper, and all necessary hardware to install. The cross-member is a weld-in design, which was important to maintain chassis stability. Many other "High Clearance" rear bumpers for the JK simply have you cut out this rear cross-member and bolt in their bumper. This can lead to your frame distorting as much as 1/2" from side to side!!!

With the Savvy LHT Bumper you can be sure that your Jeep has the most ground clearance, without compromise.

Detailed instructions are set to come out in the next week. Stay Tuned!

  • Item #: BMP-RJKS

Savvy JK LHT Steel Rear Bumper, Spare Tire Ready

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