Under Armor Modular Manual 1997-2002
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This version of the Savvy's Modular Under Armor is for the 1997-2002 Jeep Wrangler 4.0L with Manual transmissions.  This new version works with the TJ.  Savvy Under Modular Armor is a complete system to protect the engine, transmission and transfer case?  You now can buy the pieces you want, need or can afford and grow.

The Features include:

  • New raised Exhaust hanger
  • Low profile transmission mount
  • Transmission cross member
  • *Optional* Engine and transmission skid can be added later
  • Formed 6061-T6 Aluminum plate covers entire transfer case
  • All Stainless Steel or Zinc plated hardware
  • Some trimming of the cross member may be required

A 1.25" body lift is required and a matching 1" MML. This kit will work with most aftermarket motor mount lifts and body lifts. The Savvy Transfer Case shifter is a recommended addition to the Savvy Under Armor.  Check the option below for best pricing.

Some trimming of the cross member may be required for some TJ models.

Installation Instructions for Savvy products can be found at http://www.savvyoffroad.com/tech/tech.htm

  • Item #: UAM-Early

Under Armor Modular Manual 1997-2002

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